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UV Air Purifier Services in Springfield, VA

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Now more than ever, families are concerned about the spread of viruses and germs around a household. There are several indoor air quality devices that can help combat organic pollutants, and the UV germicidal light is one of the most effective. McDaniel Service, Inc is the local Springfield, VA contractor who can help you with installing and servicing a UV air purifier.

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UV Air Purifier Installation / Replacement

A UV air purifier uses ultraviolet radiation to kill microbes, germs, bacteria, and mold spores, but is harmless for people and pets. Installing one must be left to professionals, who will place the lights inside the HVAC system where they’ll provide maximum purifying power for the house. UV air purifiers need very little maintenance, and when you need to have the system replaced, we’re glad to help.

UV Air Purifier Repair

Is your UV air purifier no longer working, or isn’t working as well as it once did? No problem! Our technicians are on-call and ready to come to help you with any indoor air quality repair job you may need. McDaniel Service, Inc is your trusted partner in Springfield, VA for health and comfort in your home. We provide quality service at reasonable rates, and we do all our work in-house.

A Word From Our Customers

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Jonathan Billings, This week

On time, familiar with my two systems, honored the service price, located a failing component to save me problems in the future. Couldn't be happier with...

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