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Jeff, Last month
Christina Carter-Kurant, This week's Profile Image
Christina Carter-Kurant, This week

Technicians were on time, friendly, and did an awesome. They replaced my water main and had to dig in my yard. When they were done, I could not even tell anyone was there. Amazing! Thank you. :-)"

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nancy poe, Last month

I emailed Mr. McDaniel over the weekend to ask him for a diagnostic appointment for a leak in a house I had just sold to a Client. I asked for a quick Tuesday appointment. Mr. McDaniel replied within hours to confirm my Tuesday morning appointment with my Client. The technician, Najib Kabiri, was there early! He gave my Client and me the best tutorial on water leaks from a bathroom into the kitchen that I've ever heard! I asked question after question to make sure I wasn't missing anything about the water spot on the ceiling that showed up unexpectedly the prior Saturday. He answered every question with clarity and precision. I was more than impressed! Thank you McDaniel Plumbing and Najib, for your GREAT work!

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Adam Cope, Last month

McDaniel is always the most amazing. Thank you for being easy and reliable.

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Mary Ferguson, Last month
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Grace Smith, Last month

Excellent service and great people to work with.

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Brian Miller, Last month
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Donna Beard, Last month
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Steve Nelson, Last month
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Jan Spencer, Last month