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Water Softener Services in Springfield, VA

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Many homes in the Springfield, VA area have trouble with hard water. If your house is one, call McDaniel Service, Inc for a whole-house water softener. We have the finest technicians who can locate the ideal water softener system to eradicate hard water troubles. We’re one of the most trusted local contractors:

  • Family owned and operated, licensed, and insured
  • Upfront quotes—we won’t do any work without your prior approval

We’re here to deliver high-quality, reliable service at reasonable prices. We’re customer-focused and many of our customers know us by name! Let us take care of all your water treatment needs!

Choose us for your water softener needs. Service is our middle name. Contact us today for an appointment!

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Hard Water Problems

When freshwater has a high concentration of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, it is called hard water. This isn’t unhealthy to drink, but it can cause severe problems for a home’s plumbing and affect daily tasks. Hard water problems include:

  • Build-up in pipes, creating high water pressure and clogs.
  • Damage to water-using appliances such as water heaters.
  • Difficulty creating soap lather.
  • Unpleasant film and build-up on surfaces and fixtures.

A water softener counteracts hard water minerals with sodium, eliminating these problems.

Water Softener Replacement

Once you have a water softener, you’ll only need to perform occasional maintenance on it, such as refilling the brine tank. Regular professional water softener maintenance will help the system work effectively for years. When you do need to replace an old water softener, call us for a fast and effective job.

Water Softener Repair

Has your water started to taste too much like salt? Are hard water troubles starting again? You may need to have the McDaniel Service, Inc technicians repair the water softener. You can trust all our water treatment professionals in Springfield, VA—our staff is background-checked and drug-tested, and all are focused on your needs as a customer.

A Word From Our Customers

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Daniel Hopkins, This week

Craig is the best!! So helpful and knowledgeable. Will definitely be using McDaniel Service again.

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