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Plumber and HVAC Contractor in Woodbridge, VA

There is only one contractor’s name to remember when you’re looking for high-quality HVAC and plumbing services in Woodbridge, VA: McDaniel Service, Inc. We have the best technicians in town, and we take pride in offering quality work at reasonable prices. We stand out for other reasons as well:

  • Family owned and operated, licensed, and insured
  • Friendly and customer service-oriented

You can rely on us for all your residential heating, air conditioning, and plumbing needs. We also provide commercial HVAC and plumbing for local businesses.

Contact us today: Service is our middle name!

Heating Repair and Installation

We can handle keeping your home warm through the winters and ensure you have a safely operating heating system. Our technicians are trained to work on a range of heating options for homes, including heat pumps, gas and electric furnaces, boilers, and radiant heating. You can reach our technicians for emergency service when you need repairs, and we have an excellent Annual Maintenance & Inspection Agreement to help your heater work its best for many years with high efficiency and few repairs.

Furnace and Boiler Services

Furnaces are the most common type of heating system found in  Woodbridge, VA, and you can expect nothing but the best furnace installations, repairs, maintenance, and replacements from our technicians. You can also rely on our technicians for service for boilers-which is something you won’t find at many other HVAC contractors in the area. Each of our technicians is background-checked and drug-tested to keep your mind at ease when you need HVAC service in your house.

Reliable Air Conditioning Repair, Installation, and Maintenance

Do you want to struggle through a hot summer without a decent central air conditioning system for your house? We didn’t think so, and we know how hot it can get in Woodbridge, VA. You won’t have to fear any "nightmare" scenarios with your AC when you have the number for McDaniel Service, Inc handy. Our technicians provide complete air conditioning service, from fast new installations and replacements to thorough maintenance each year. We’ll always provide you with upfront quotes and won’t start any work until we have your permission.

Central AC, Ductless Mini Splits, and Heat Pumps

One option for household comfort that more and more homeowners are choosing is ductless HVAC, also known as ductless mini split heat pumps. These ductless heating and cooling systems are effective, flexible, and can lower overall energy costs during the year. If you’re interested in installing a ductless system for your home, our team is glad to answer any questions. You can depend on us for all your future ductless heating and cooling repair and maintenance needs.

Home Indoor Air Quality Services

Does the air in your home feel stuffy, dusty, or generally unhealthy? It’s time to call us for indoor air quality services that will improve your life in Woodbridge, VA. Our IAQ professionals install the best air quality devices, such as air filtration systems, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and UV air purifiers. We also offer duct services to help make the ventilation system work toward better air quality. Call our experts today and learn what we can do for the air in your house.

Plumbing Services

You may feel tempted to try to solve plumbing issues in your home as "do-it-yourself" projects. But this is hazardous and can lead to far bigger problems and even extensive water damage. When you rely on the professional plumbers at McDaniel Service, Inc, you’ll receive fast, quality service that you could never get from DIY or amateur work. It will save you time and money to go with the best plumbers from the start. We can handle any residential plumbing work you need and will ensure any permits needed in Woodbridge, VA are properly filed.

Tank and Tankless Water Heaters

You rely pretty heavily on your water heater to provide a good flow of warm water on demand. The expert services provided by McDaniel Service, Inc can ensure that your water heater is able to perform whenever it is needed. You can trust us with your water heater installation, repairs, maintenance, and even replacement. With our help, you’ll never have to go a day without hot water in your home.

Commercial HVAC and Plumbing

Along with helping local homeowners, we also offer our high-quality services to local businesses. If you own or operate a business in the area, you can trust us for commercial heating, air conditioning, and plumbing work. Our services include working with installing complex server room cooling systems. We deliver the same level of personalized customer service to our commercial clients as to our residential ones. You always come first with McDaniel Service, Inc!