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Dennis Juran, This year

Repaired leaking kitchen sink

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Margaret Heiser

"[Timeliness, Technician, Service] They were knowledgeable, worked quickly and were respectful about protecting my floors, etc. I can’t speak to value since this service was covered via water company."

 AHMER MUDASSIR's Profile Image

"[Service, Value, Timeliness, Technician] Very professional very knowledgeable crews Very happy with service fast on time "

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Kimberly Piñero, This year

McDaniel Service, Inc. is the only one I will call for service in our condominium. Living in a high rise lends itself to a sense of responsibility not only to your own unit, but your neighbors' as well. We had all of our 16 year old shutoff valves to the sinks/toilets preventively replaced. McDaniel technicians, Tim and David, have worked in our building for many years and know it inside and out. They discovered a few of our valves were not in working order. Had there been an emergency, we wouldn't have found out until it was too late. We feel much better now knowing we won't be responsible for any leaks below or adjacent to us. Sometimes you just need to spend money to save money; we can't imagine what kind of costs and insurance claims we would encounter if we leaked into a neighbors unit. We can't say enough good things about these two technicians, Tim and David. They work well together. They were prompt. They took care of shutting off the water to our stack (we gave small gifts of "appreciation for patience" to our stack neighbors since the water was off for a few hours). They tested their work before leaving and cleaned up after themselves. We highly recommend McDaniel Service, Inc. for your plumbing needs...they offer other services as well, they're worth a call for an estimate. Thank you guys, great job!

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Alice Hitt, This year
Jeff's Profile Image
Jeff, This year
Christina Carter-Kurant, This week's Profile Image
Christina Carter-Kurant, This week

Technicians were on time, friendly, and did an awesome. They replaced my water main and had to dig in my yard. When they were done, I could not even tell anyone was there. Amazing! Thank you. :-)"

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nancy poe, This year

I emailed Mr. McDaniel over the weekend to ask him for a diagnostic appointment for a leak in a house I had just sold to a Client. I asked for a quick Tuesday appointment. Mr. McDaniel replied within hours to confirm my Tuesday morning appointment with my Client. The technician, Najib Kabiri, was there early! He gave my Client and me the best tutorial on water leaks from a bathroom into the kitchen that I've ever heard! I asked question after question to make sure I wasn't missing anything about the water spot on the ceiling that showed up unexpectedly the prior Saturday. He answered every question with clarity and precision. I was more than impressed! Thank you McDaniel Plumbing and Najib, for your GREAT work!

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Adam Cope, This year

McDaniel is always the most amazing. Thank you for being easy and reliable.

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Mary Ferguson, This year