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S B, Last month

Amazing technician who helped us out and actually diagnosed the issue which was a return line with no filter. This caused the AC coil to become clogged solid. The technician saw this and said a cleaning would be the best option. Prior to cleaning he checked the system for leaks. Amazing and prompt service.

Dawn Lambert - Town and Lake Homes's Profile Image
Dawn Lambert - Town and Lake Homes, Last month
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Ariel Denfeld, Last month

We had a pinhole in one of our nearly-70-year-old copper pipes. I called on a Monday morning and McDaniel was able to have a plumber out to deal with it for me within a few hours. Their base hourly rate is fair and reasonable (especially for this area!); the copper pipe is not cheap but that's just what it is. The work was done quickly and tidily and Tim, who came out to help us, cleaned up/caught all the water he could as he cut the line and repaired it. We'll definitely be using McDaniel Service for all of our plumbing needs in the future. Thanks!

Joe Ammirati's Profile Image
Joe Ammirati, Last month

Professionals with clear and concise explanation of the work which was completed and may need to be done.

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Jesse Hall, Last month

Friendly professional service.

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Lisa McGregor, Last month

Friendly, competent service. Answered all of my questions

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Eugene Whitmore, Last month

Excellent always good service

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Robert Lowe, Last month
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Niema Sabourian

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Ralph Massaro, Last month