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How To Tell Your Radiant Heater Needs Repairs

Those of us with radiant heaters in our homes can attest to how effective they are. By radiating heat rather than blowing hot air through the home, these systems keep everyone in the home warm very well. Many people compare the heat from these systems to the warmth from the sun!

Radiant heaters are great investments but even these systems can run into trouble at some point or another. Getting a professional out to your home to assess and repair your heater in short order is always the best course of action. But how can you tell you need to call in the pros? We have the warning signs of radiant heater repairs in Springfield that you should know below!

The Signs of a Struggling Radiant Heating System

Not sure if your radiant heater is starting to show signs of a struggle? We can help. Here are some of the key warning signs of trouble in your radiant heater.

  • You are discovering cold spots in your home. This can take on different forms based on the type of radiant heating system you have such as radiators or in-floor units. If you noticed cold spots on your floor or certain rooms that just aren’t heating up the way they are meant to, it can be a sign that your radiant heater needs help to get the job done.
  • It takes a long time for the home to heat up. Turning on your radiator should mean the home starts to heat up almost immediately. If, however, you are noticing that it is taking longer and longer to warm up the home, then it may be a sign your heater is in trouble.
  • Your energy bills have taken a large jump upwards. A radiant header is going to use more energy the harder it has to work to heat up your home. Unless you’ve jacked up the thermostat setting by quite a lot, spikes in your energy bills may be an indicator that your radiant system is having a hard time. Don’t ignore the high bills! Have a technician check things out today.
  • There are concerning sounds or smells. Last and certainly not least, you can always rely on your sense to warn you about a problem. If you have a gas-powered system, be on the alert for any kind of gaseous smell when you run the heater. Additionally, the smell of burning electrical parts or the continued smell of burning dust can be indicators of other problems. Of course, any kind of concerning sound like hissing, booming, rattling, or screeching should also be met with a prompt call to the pros.

If there is a problem with your radiant heating system, then it is always best to reach out to a professional team like ours for repairs. Our technicians are trained and certified to fix your system effectively and safely. We work on multiple types of radiant heating systems to so you can rely on us, no matter what.

Schedule your next heating system repair with McDaniel Service, Inc. Service is our middle name!

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