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5 Energy-Saving Tips for Your AC This Summer

Monday, April 15th, 2024

Ah, summer. That wonderful time of year when the sun blesses us with its presence a little longer each day. But as the temperatures climb, so does the need to keep our homes cool and comfortable. That’s where McDaniel, Inc comes in for your HVAC needs in Manassas. At our core, we understand that keeping your house cool shouldn’t mean your energy bills skyrocket. So, let’s dive into five simple yet effective energy-saving tips to keep your air conditioning working its best without breaking the bank.

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Start the New Year With a New Heater!

Monday, January 9th, 2023

When the new year rolls around, there’s always time for reflection as we turn toward the future. Sometimes people make new resolutions that will help them stay healthy, happy, and keep their finances in check for the coming year. Other people just like to enjoy the relief that comes with the end of a difficult year or the excitement of what might be on the horizon.

While it might be a bit of an awkward time for heating systems, since you’ve already likely been using your old one for a few months at this point, it’s a good idea to reflect on your home’s heating too. How is your heating system doing? Are you finally ready to switch to an all-electric heating unit, or are you ready for a gas furnace upgrade?

It’s not uncommon to start evaluating whether a replacement heat pump or gas furnace installation in Manassas, VA might be the right call for you.

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3 Signs You Have a Drain Clog In the Making

Monday, October 3rd, 2022

You are in the middle of making dinner and suddenly your sink stops draining, making washing dishes or vegetables nearly impossible. Or you are taking a shower and notice that the bathtub is filling up around your feet even though the drain isn’t plugged. What’s going on??

The quick answer: you’ve got a drain clog! And while we know that you might like to go for a quick solution, namely a chemical drain cleaner, we’d advise against it. These liquids are often more harmful than helpful.

We want to explain why drain cleaning in Manassas, VA is your best long-term solution for addressing and even preventing drain clogs.

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