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Tips To Keep Warm While Waiting for Service

Uh-oh, is your heater running into trouble? It might be time to get a repair heating service in Alexandria, VA. The only problem is that now you need to figure out how to keep yourself warm until the repairs are done!

We know that staying warm during our winter season can be a challenge, especially if your heater is on the fritz. Not to worry though! When you reach out to us for help, our technicians will arrive ASAP to get that repair taken care of. What’s more, we are locals too so we have some tips to help you stay warm while you wait for your heater to get back to normal.

“But, do I really need a heater repair?”

Maybe you haven’t even decided on whether you need to call for repairs yet. If you are still going back and forth, let us give you some guidance. It is time to schedule a repair if…

  • Your furnace is short cycling or seems to run constantly
  • You notice a large spike in your energy bills that doesn’t match your usage
  • You hear concerning noises or smell something odd when the heater is on
  • The heater is unable to produce even warmth throughout the home

Noticing these indicators? Then it is time to reach out for repairs before you end up needing a replacement.

Tips to keep you warm while you wait

So, you need a heater repair but you aren’t looking forward to turning your heater off to get it fixed. We understand completely. That’s why we created this list of ways to keep warm while you wait for your technician to wrap up so things will be a little easier.

  • Have a movie marathon with all the blankets you want. Break out the biggest, warmest blankets, pile on the couch, and enjoy a warm movie marathon with everyone together. The blankets and close proximity will help keep you warm and, if you watch a funny movie, laughing a lot will heat you up too!
  • Stoke up a blaze in your fireplace. Have a fireplace in your house? Then as long as you aren’t having issues with a gas leak from your heater, you can enjoy a nice fire to help keep you warm. Again, use some of those cozy blankets to make things even more comfortable.
  • Get moving. Put on some music that you love and have a mini dance party (our technicians won’t judge). Or maybe try getting your daily exercise routine in. Getting up and moving around increases blood flow which helps you feel warmer!
  • Make a good, hot meal. Have a recipe you’ve been dying to make? Then now may be the time to spend some extra hours in the kitchen. Cooking on the stove or using the oven creates added heat in the home which helps keep you warmer. Plus, a hot meal can warm up your core. And who doesn’t enjoy a good shared meal with loved ones?

We know that waiting for a heater to be fixed can feel like it takes forever. However, with our prompt service and these tips, the wait can feel a lot shorter while you stay much warmer.

Service is our middle name! Contact McDaniel Service, Inc today to book an appointment.

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