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It’s AC Maintenance Season Again!

The flowers are starting to bloom, the days are getting longer, and it finally feels like spring is here. This is a big deal for many different reasons, and on our end, we’re excited to start providing AC maintenance in Springfield, VA.

For anyone who might be new to maintenance, a new AC owner, or someone who generally hasn’t explored it as an option before, this blog post should be pretty helpful.

Air conditioning maintenance is a unique service that’s unlike the installation of a new system or the repair of an existing one. With those services, there’s usually a problem (like the absence of a comfort system, or a broken component), and our services are designed to fix the problem. This can be an easy way to justify the cost.

However, with maintenance, there usually are no problems that prompt this kind of service–and that’s a good thing. Maintenance is designed for systems in good shape and it helps to keep them in good shape.

Mitigate Problems in the Future

First of all, maintenance helps mitigate problems in the future instead of fixing an existing problem. This is why yearly reminders are so good, since it’s an easy thing to forget about due to the fact that your AC is probably running fine.

When a professional provides maintenance for your air conditioner, they get to tune the system up, replace older and worn down components, and even clean certain components so they work better. The technician will inspect many problematic areas of your system to ensure it’s ready to work for another year, and they’ll usually warn you if a problem might come up.

This means that you might end up avoiding repairs in the future by scheduling maintenance now, which is a big deal.

Better Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of an air conditioner matters a lot. The lower your system’s efficiency is throughout the year, the more electricity you’ll have to pay for. Maintenance is a proven service that helps your system maintain its energy efficiency for as long as possible.

It’s not really possible to increase the energy efficiency of an air conditioner beyond what its initial rate was. But over time, due to wear and tear, an AC will start to use more electricity and become less efficient. With maintenance, we can cut this out of the equation and keep your system running as efficiently as it did when it was new!

Peak Performance Throughout the Whole Summer

Don’t forget the performance benefits of a well-maintained air conditioner! Maintenance helps your AC unit run better, which means it will cool off your home faster and more thoroughly than a system that’s neglected.

Even if you don’t care much about the efficiency or longevity of your system, at least sign up for maintenance to achieve better home comfort. Maintenance goes a long way towards cleaning and inspecting the components that get worn down the most year after year. If they’re in great condition then they’ll keep your home comfortable for longer.

With us, service is our middle name. Contact McDaniel Service, Inc for AC maintenance.

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