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It’s Time to Replace the Air Filter

When we usually cover topics related to AC repair in Woodbridge, VA, they can get pretty complicated. When the discussion turns to your compressor or the electrical components required for air conditioning, our blogs can become hard to follow.

The reason for this is the fact that air conditioners are just a lot more complicated now than they used to be. You can’t just fix a refrigerant leak yourself anymore, or patch up your condenser for the next year of AC. A professional HVAC technician is practically required for every type of adjustment imaginable.

Except for one!

If your air conditioner is having trouble, there is one thing you can do all on your own. That’s right, you might not have to call for professional repairs at all, and your bank account might stay exactly the same. This involves changing the air filter, and it’s a component that’s responsible for a lot of the functionality of your system.

The Problems Associated With a Clogged Air Filter

We want to be crystal clear–not every problem with an air conditioner is caused by an air filter getting clogged up. Many issues, like electrical malfunctions, compressor failures, or refrigerant leaks, are caused by other things outside of your control. This means you’ll need to call for professional repairs.

However, some problems are the direct result of a dirty air filter, which means you can fix them yourself. Here are just a few of them.

  • Frozen coils. When your air filter gets clogged, air can get trapped in certain places. This can sometimes allow for frigid air to coalesce and cause your system’s coils to freeze.
  • Lukewarm air or poor airflow. Lukewarm air, or no airflow, can be related to the fact that your air filter is clogged up and not allowing the system to cool your home properly.
  • Poor energy efficiency. An air conditioner that runs with a clogged air filter is just not going to work as efficiently as one with a clear system.
  • Dirty air. Yes, your air filter does help keep your indoor air clean, even if it’s not the sole job of the component. Dirty indoor air is usually a sign that your air filter needs replacing.

Changing Your Air Filter

How do you change your air filter? It’s really simple. Follow along with our instructions, or look at the manual to your air conditioning system. We can always give you a hand when you call us.

First, locate the return air duct of the system. This is basically the air duct that sends all of the air into the air conditioner to be cooled later on. This is where a flap should be, with easy access to your air filter.

Second, while making sure the air conditioner is off, remove the air filter and either clean it off or replace it if it’s a disposable air filter.

Third, place the air filter back inside of the return air duct, making sure it’s facing the right direction.

Then, you’re all set and you can turn your system back on to see if the problem is fixed. If it’s not, then you can call our team to schedule a repair.

Count on McDaniel Service, Inc for your next repair. Service is our middle name!

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