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The Difference a Filter Change Can Make

We still have a little while yet until the warm weather reaches us for good. Until that happens, you need to make sure that your heater is going to run well. At the same time, however, you want to think ahead and do what you can to prepare for the warmer temperatures to come.

Did you know there is one easy task that can make a difference for both your heater and your air conditioner? The answer is a filter change! Checking and changing your filter for your HVAC system is helpful to both systems and, in the long run, to you too.

Let’s look at the difference that a simple filter change can make for your home comfort now and later.

Filters Offer An Important Layer of Protection

Your air filter is there to protect the inside of your heater and your air conditioner. While this part of your system certainly doesn’t hurt your indoor air quality, this filter isn’t the same as an air filtration system that is placed in your ducts.

The HVAC system filter is there to keep dust and other debris out of your heater and AC unit. You might think that a little dust getting into your systems wouldn’t be a big problem but trust us when we tell you that the filter is saving you from a lot of trouble.

What a Clean Filter Can Help Prevent

A dirty filter won’t be able to protect your HVAC systems as well as a clean one would. Rather than protecting your system, it will actually end up causing additional problems and harming your home comfort. It makes sense that having a clean filter in your system would help to prevent those problems which can include:

  • Prevents increased repairs needs: This applies to keeping the need for either air conditioner or heater repair in Fairfax, VA at bay. Rather than letting a dirty filter add to the strain on your systems, a clean filter keeps the airflow strong and steady.
  • Prevents the development of bad smells: Higher levels of dust and debris on your filter can lead to the development of bad smells permeating the house. That debris may coat a heat exchanger and lead to the smell of burning dust. Added debris on your AC evaporator coil can lead to clogs in your condensate line which can cause the scent of mildew as the damp residue is left in the pan. A clean filter keeps a majority of debris out of your system and prevents these nasty odors.
  • Prevents increased energy usage: A dirty filter will make it hard for either of your home comfort systems to do their job. That is why we advise ensuring that your filter is as clean as possible. Keeping a clean filter in place eases the heating process in the cold season and helps the cooling process in the warmer season. This translates to the need for less energy needed to get the job of keeping your home comfortable taken care of.

Need Help With Your HVAC Filter?

Not comfortable with doing a filter change yourself or not sure how to do it? That’s okay! You can rely on our technicians to check and change your filter during your next tune-up or system repair service!

Contact McDaniel Service, Inc to schedule an appointment for your heater or AC. Service is our middle name.

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