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Having Leak Problems? We Can Help

Having a leak is a problem. Having a leak that is allowed to go unchecked for an extended period of time and do damage to your home is a bigger problem. When it comes to leaks in the house, getting them repaired sooner is always better.

It can be hard to tell when you have a leak in your plumbing in Alexandria, VA though. Thankfully, the team at McDaniel Service, Inc is happy to help you out. To start, we want to teach you about the warning signs that you can check for that may indicate a leak. If you notice any signs that apply to your home, you can then reach out to our team for leak detection and exert repairs.

Ready to get started? Read on and then call us for professional plumbing repairs.

How can you figure out if you have a leak in your home that needs to be repaired? Watch out for these indicators:

  1. You can hear water running in the house without reason: You know that there are no plumbing appliances in use. However, you can hear water running through the pipes. Or maybe you can hear dripping in a certain part of the home. These are some of the earliest indicators that you have a leak.
  2. Your water meter is tracking nonexistent activity: Aside from when your plumbing appliances are in active use, your water meter should not be showing much activity. If you know that none of your water-based appliances are in use but your water meter is behaving as if someone were running a faucet, you likely have a leak.
  3. You notice weaker water pressure: Weak water pressure to one or more of the plumbing systems in your home is a sign of a leak in the piping that provide water to them. This is an issue that you’ll want to address quickly.
  4. Signs of mold or mildew growth: Maybe a leak has gone on for a little while at this point. If so, you may notice the sight or smell or mold or mildew growth. Leaks can dampen areas of your home and make them an ideal environment for mold and mildew.
  5. The start of water damage in the home: We admit that this is a relatively late sign to watch for but we are going to include it because it is a strong indicator either way. if you notice water standing on your walls or ceilings, peeling paint, warped flooring, or other signs of water damage in the house is best to reach out to a plumber to look for a leak.

If any of the above signs sound like something you’ve noticed in your home, it is time to reach out to us. We can provide expert leak detection that pinpoints where the leak is. From there we will provide expert repairs that address the leak in short order and give you back the full use of your home plumbing again.

Schedule an appointment with McDaniel Service, Inc today. Service is our middle name.

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