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Early Bird Air Conditioning Tips

With record summer temperatures only a few months way, it’s a perfectly good time to start preparing for heatwaves. We know that it’s still February and temperatures are still frigid, but this is obviously going to change soon. And as many people say, the early bird gets the worm!

What is the worm in this case? Savings, efficiency, better cooling… you name it! It never hurts to plan early for hot temperatures in Virginia, and it definitely helps to be prepared for your next HVAC repair in Reston.

From leaking refrigerant to a broken blower motor, now might be the perfect time to get your air conditioner fixed up and ready to go so you’re in a better place when the summer heat rolls around.

Start With Maintenance

Did you know that one of the core components of our maintenance program is an inspection? This is part of what makes maintenance so powerful. Even if you’re unsure of the state of your air conditioner, we can do a walkthrough around the system, inspect it under the hood, and let you know of any budding problems or issues that we detect.

We’ll finish up by cleaning the coils, adjusting the components, lubricating ball bearings, and showing you your options. Then, we’ll let you make the best choice for your budget and family.

Do a System Walkthrough

You don’t need a maintenance appointment to be a vigilant AC owner. Try taking a walk around your air conditioning technology to see if you can detect any problems.

Do you see any worn-out components? Perhaps there are scrape marks or signs of damage on the outdoor cabinet of your AC. These can be signs that the rough winter weather took its toll on your technology.

From duct problems to issues with the system itself, sometimes it can be easy to notice when a problem exists. Then you can call us for repairs.

Remember Last Year’s Woes

One of the most helpful tools when combatting a malfunctioning air conditioner is your memory. Only you will remember how powerful and efficient your air conditioner was last year so you can call for repairs when it doesn’t quite meet the same demand this year.

Or, on the other hand, only you will remember just how frustrating and debilitating it was dealing with your malfunctioning system last year. Chances are likely that those problems didn’t magically go away–in fact, they’re probably worse now. Do yourself a favor and get the system fixed before you need to rely on it again.

Evaluate a Replacement

Is your air conditioning system nearing its 10th or 12th birthday? Then its days are numbered. These systems are powerful and long-lasting, but they’re not immortal. Forced-air HVAC systems like air conditioners and heat pumps are only realistically supposed to last between 10-15 years with routine maintenance and prompt repairs. Beyond that point, they can run up your bill and start frequently breaking down. This might be the perfect time to invest in a replacement.

With McDaniel Service, Inc, service is our middle name. Schedule an early bird AC appointment today.

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