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5 Silent Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair

We often tell our customers that a furnace will make a loud or uncomfortable noise if it’s malfunctioning, but that’s not necessarily the case every time. Just like other mechanical systems we depend on, problems can take many forms and originate in many different components, which is an important thing to note when you’re trying to troubleshoot them.

Firstly, furnace repair in Arlington, VA needs to be professionally done. This will be the main way you can avoid extensive issues that become frequent or obnoxious. But before you have the chance to work with a licensed professional, you’ll want to know some of these signs that your quiet furnace is actually malfunctioning.

1. Foul Odors

If you’ve got a gas furnace, then you should be well aware of this warning sign right off the bat. Nothing is more important than protecting your home from a gas leak or a carbon monoxide infiltration.

Foul odors are the first way you can detect that something is seriously wrong with your furnace to the point of endangering your family. Any odors that stink or feelings of nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and other symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are signs that you need to exit your home and call for help.

Unfortunately, a furnace might not make any noise to signal that it’s leaking, which is why you’ll need to rely on your nose and not your ears this time.

2. Poor Efficiency

Check your heating bills to see if you notice any trends. If you’re paying a lot more money this year than you were a couple of years ago (with no discernable change in the seasonal temperatures) then there could be an issue plaguing your system.

Furnaces can show their age or issues through poor efficiency sometimes instead of with a noise. This is due to the fact that certain components can just run poorly without breaking or making a sound.

3. Cold Spots

It doesn’t matter how quiet your furnace is in Arlington, if parts of your home are cold or uncomfortable, then there’s a problem. Comfort is a core part of being an HVAC system owner, and it’s just not okay to have a cold home with a furnace that’s barely able to meet your demand. If your house is cold, then there’s something wrong with your system.

4. Incorrect Thermostat Reading

Your thermostat provides a core reading of how your furnace is working. But it usually doesn’t make any noise.

Pay close attention to how it feels in your home vs. how it looks on your thermostat. If the system reads 70 degrees but it feels like 50, then something is definitely wrong, and a professional needs to take a closer look. Even if it sounds like the system is working properly, this might not be the case.

5. Dust in the Air

A clogged air filter can be a big problem for your heating system, but it might not lead to any noises or overt problems. However, you can sometimes tell that the air filter is clogged by a large amount of dust, dander, or debris existing in your air. If you’re detecting these symptoms, make sure you change out the air filter or call for support if that doesn’t help.

Trust McDaniel Service, Inc for support with your furnace repair. Service is our middle name!

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