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6 Problems To Call Our Plumbers For


You don’t need to call in a plumber for every issue in your home. For example, unclogging the toilet or even the kitchen sink can often be managed with a plunger and some elbow grease. We’ve all encounter plumbing troubles that we found a way to handle ourselves. However, don’t mistake this for a replacement for professional service.

Just because you or a friend have handled a plumbing issue before doesn’t mean you can tackle every one that pops up. There will come a day when you do need assistance from a plumber in Bedford, VA.

6 Issues That You Need to Call a Plumber For

We understand the hesitation over calling a plumber. You never want to be that person that calls a plumber over something that you could have fixed yourself. However, we do believe it is better to be safe than sorry. Here are several issues that you should always call a plumber for:

  1. Frequently clogged drains: Do you have a kitchen sink drain that seems to clog whenever you use it? Or perhaps your shower imitates a bathtub more often than not. Frequently clogged drains often need something a little bit stronger to address the core issue which is likely a hefty amount of build-up in the pipe.
  2. Immovable clogs: Frequent clogs are often going to be a precursor to a clog that simply will not go away. Large amounts of buildup in the drain have gotten to the point that no plunger will be able to budge it. Trust us when we say that a drain cleaning chemical is not going to help you either. A plumber can effectively take care of those clogging troubles.
  3. Poor water pressure: You should also reach out to a plumber when you notice water pressure issues in your home. If the water pressure problem doesn’t originate with your municipal water source, it may indicate a leak in your home or build-up in your pipes.
  4. Toilet trouble: Clogs are not the only problem that can plague the toilet. You may also notice leaks in the tank of your toilet or, worse, in the bowl of your toilet. If you start having major toilet trouble that a plunger can’t fix it is best to get some help from a plumber to resolve things.
  5. Leak detection and repairs: Leaks aren’t something you should try to handle on your own. A plumber with the right training and tools can accurately detect where your leaking pipe is and apply an appropriate repair that will fix the issue at its source.
  6. Water heater issues: Pretty much anything to do with your water heater should be left up to a professional. This includes leaking connections, poor heating, and strange noises. A professional plumber can address any issue that your water heater is having effectively and safely.

Having any of the plumbing troubles we listed above? Even if you don’t see the plumbing problem that you are specifically dealing with, we encourage you to reach out to us. We can always offer helpful advice, or work with you to figure out what the issue is and how we can help.

Contact McDaniel Service, Inc today. Service is our middle name.

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