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The Scary Leak You May Not Know About


It creeps out in places you can’t see. It sits in wait, getting stronger. It pops up at the worst time taking you by surprise and throwing everything into upheaval. IT’S…a slab leak.

We know a slab leak isn’t as scary as the Boogeyman but it should still be something that catches your attention. Leaks aren’t good to begin with, but a slab leak can be especially harmful to your home. This is because it won’t just impact a wall or two, it can comprise the very foundation of your home.

Let’s discuss why slab leaks are worth your worry and how to catch them early so you know when to call us to address them.

What Makes a Slab Leak Different

Slab leaks are really just leaks that happen in a particularly bad place. When a pinhole leak appears behind a wall, it will likely make itself known somewhat early because you will either see or hear it pretty quickly. In most cases, slab leaks are pinhole leaks that know how to hide. This is because they occur under the slab that your home sits on.

Many homes are built on a slab that serves as the foundation of the house. Beneath the foundation are pipes that provide water to your home and also the drainpipes that whisk wastewater away. Time and the regular shifting of the earth can wear down these pipes and lead them to leak. The issue with slap leaks arises because you usually don’t detect them until they’ve become bad enough to cause a big problem.

Indicators of a Slab Leak

Is there any way to find out whether or not you have a slab leak? Thankfully yes there are. If you notice any of these warning signs, reach out to a professional to check things out.

  • You notice warm spots under the floor in your home. This is usually an indicator that there is a leak in your home’s hot water pipes.
  • You notice your water meter is overly active. A water meter that registers usage without the need for it may be warning you of a leak.
  • There is a reduction in water pressure. If you notice your water pressure is weaker than normal, it is worthwhile to have a plumber check things out.
  • There is standing water around the base of your home. Seeing a puddle near the foundation of your home? If so, you likely have a slab leak. Get this checked out ASAP.
  • There is a crack in the foundation. This is one of the more severe warning signs that you may see. Unfortunately, this means the leak has been around long enough to compromise your home’s foundation.

Call Us to Help Solve Your Leak

Whether you suspect you have a slab leak or a leak anywhere else in your home, it is best to call in a professional to repair your plumbing in Annandale, VA. That’s what our team is here to help with! We can identify if you have a leak, pinpoint where it is, and provide the best solution to resolve the issue.

Schedule your services with McDaniel Service, Inc. Service is our middle name.

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