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Hop on Those Air Conditioner Repairs


Something is wrong with your air conditioner. It is obvious but it hasn’t caused any major interference with your ability to stay comfortable thus far. Maybe you can just wait it out and the issue may resolve on its own…

If you think you can push off or delay an air conditioner repair in Springfield, VA, you wouldn’t be the first and you won’t be the last. However, you are also incorrect in this line of thought. If your air conditioner needs repairs, even if the issue hasn’t interfered with your comfort yet, you should have the issue fixed as soon as you possibly can.

Ignoring or delaying repairs will only make that situation far worse.

Signs You Need an AC Repair

The sooner you have a professional perform repairs on a malfunctioning air conditioner, the better it will be for you and your system. But how do you figure out if you need repairs in the first place unless your system has stopped cooling your home? There are other symptoms to check for that will alert you to trouble so you can get repairs in a timely manner before your comfort is affected.

  1. Your air conditioner has started to get noisy. Your air conditioner is built to operate quietly so when it starts to make a ruckus, we’d suggest taking note of the noises you hear. A system that has begun to rattle, clang, hiss, bubble, screech, or make other strange sounds is one that needs professional care.
  2. The airflow from some vents is getting weaker. The airflow throughout your house shoud be steady and strong. If you have noticed that, instead, some of the vents in your home are producing weak airflow, then it means you need to call for repairs.
  3. You notice hot spots in the house. Maybe you are staying cool but there are parts of your home that are too warm. These are areas known as hot spots and they indicate that your AC isn’t able to cool the house evenly the way it should.
  4. Energy bills seem unusually high. An air conditioner that is struggling will make up for its inability to cool the home effectively by sucking up extra energy to get the job done. If your energy bills seem to consistenly be on the rise despite the fact you haven’t increased your use of the system, it may be a sign of trouble.
  5. You system has started short cycling. Last but not least, don’t mistake a system that has shortened cooling cycles for one that is able to simply “cool the home faster.” Short cycling is problematic, not beneficial. What’s more, it harms your AC further and drives up energy bills until you get it addressed properly.

Do any of these warning signs sound familiar? If so, your best course of action is to reach out to a team of professionals to get your air conditioner repaired in a timely manner so you can rely on it again this summer. If you need repair services in or around Springfield, you can always come to McDaniel Service, Inc for help.

Contact us to schedule an appointment. Service is our middle name!

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