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Should You Install a Heat Pump?

The prospect of facing summer without a reliable air conditioner is not a fun one period we don’t want you to have to go through that. That is why we want you to know that you have options when it comes to adding an air conditioner to your home. Air conditioning systems have come a long way and have started to become more adaptable to homes with different requirements. One such system is the heat pump.

Heat pumps use the standard split system setup but with a few major differences. Where a central air conditioner has a large outdoor unit Anna large indoor unit a heat pump helps to save space by replacing an indoor unit with an air handler. This is just one of the many reasons that heat pumps are rapidly becoming popular throughout the country. Discover more about the perks of installing a heat pump here to see if this system is the right fit for you this summer.

Have You Heard About Heat Pumps?

If you do not have a reliable system to keep your home cool this summer we would love to tell you a bit more about your options. Specifically, we want to discuss the prospect of installing a heat pump in your home. These systems are able to provide great comfort paired with great efficiency in addition to helping you save space. Check out some of the details about what makes these systems so unique below:

  1. Less space for the indoor unit. As we mentioned above heat pumps are another type of split system. However, they are known as a mini split system for a reason. While a standard central AC has a relatively large indoor unit and outdoor unit, A heat pump instead uses an air handler as its indoor unit. Able to be mounted on a wall, this air handler takes up much less space than a standard central AC indoor unit would.
  2. Great efficiency. Heat pumps are able to provide incredible energy efficiency. Because they use newer technology these systems are able to provide plenty of cooling power without the use of nearly as much energy. This is great news for your energy bills and your comfort level.
  3. Year-round comfort. Heat pumps offer a unique ability. They were able to reverse their flow of refrigerant thanks to a reversing valve that is part of the system. What that means is that during summer you can rely on your heat pump to transfer heat out of your home well during winter you can change things up and ask your heat pump to pull heat in. With a heat pump you get both heating and cooling from one system rather than two
  4. Ducted or ductless. Last but certainly not least heat pumps have the ability to provide you with a ductless option. This is great news for anyone with a smaller home that cannot fit ducks or an older home that is unable to accommodate them. Whether you have ductwork or not a heat pump is a great match.

Considering adding a heat pump mini split to your home this summer? Make sure to come to our team of professionals for your air conditioning system installation in Springfield. We will give your system the best possible start.

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