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These 3 Issues Mean Big AC Trouble

We are inching closer to fall. However, we still have a good amount of time left before things start to cool down. This is going to mean that your air conditioner is still highly important in keeping you comfortable. However, now that it is later in the summer season, there is a higher chance that your AC is going to encounter some major problems.

Here are some of the issues that your AC may be starting to encounter. If any of these problems sound familiar in how they are impacting your AC and, by default, your home comfort, it means now is the time to schedule an AC repair in Alexandria, VA before you need to schedule a replacement.

3 Big Issues Your AC May Be Struggling With

An air conditioner that is encountering big problems like the ones we’ve listed here is going to be in need of prompt repairs. The alternative will be the need for a full system replacement in many cases so we’d suggest acting fast!

There is ice coating your evaporator coil.

The evaporator coil of any air conditioning system is the part that is responsible for allowing heat to be absorbed into your refrigerant supply, thereby cooling the air that is then blown into your home. If this is made impossible due to a layer of ice coating your coil, there is a big problem that needs to be dealt with.

Ice coating your evaporator coil is usually an indicator of another deeper problem. This situation is created because the refrigerant supply is unable to absorb enough heat, leading it to cool the air around the line and creating that ice build-up. This can be because of a leak in the refrigerant line or it may be due to a large amount of debris that collected on your evaporator coil.

A professional can help to defrost the coil and identify the main cause of the problem. The longer this issue goes on, the more likely it is to completely total your system.

Your AC is unable to complete a full cooling cycle.

When you run your air conditioner, how long goes it run for? A cooling cycle that is below the average 10-15 minute length indicates that your system is short cycling.

Short cycling can be a cause for added issues, like ice build-up on your coil or even a system that overheats. This can also be a symptom of other problems as well. The best way to find out which situation you have on your hands is to talk to a professional technician who can identify and resolve the core problem.

There is no cool air being produced by your system.

This is the biggest and most obvious sign that there is something seriously wrong with your air conditioner is when it can’t cool the air in your home at all. This is a sign that something is blocking either the absorption of heat into your refrigerant, the release of hot air outside the house, or some other vital aspect of the cooling process.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cases when a complete lack of cooling does mean that you’ll need a new system entirely. Our hope however is that we can get to your system before this is the case.

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