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3 Signs You Have a Drain Clog In the Making

You are in the middle of making dinner and suddenly your sink stops draining, making washing dishes or vegetables nearly impossible. Or you are taking a shower and notice that the bathtub is filling up around your feet even though the drain isn’t plugged. What’s going on??

The quick answer: you’ve got a drain clog! And while we know that you might like to go for a quick solution, namely a chemical drain cleaner, we’d advise against it. These liquids are often more harmful than helpful.

We want to explain why drain cleaning in Manassas, VA is your best long-term solution for addressing and even preventing drain clogs.

The Warning Signs That Mean Your Drain Is Clogging

It is important to know what the warning signs are to indicate that your drains are building a clog. That way you know ahead of time when to get your drains cleared before they stop completely!

  1. Gurgling or bubbling noises: When you use any sink in the house or try to drain a tub, and you hear gurgling or bubbling noises, then it is likely a sign that debris is starting to collect within the interior of your drains. The sound is created when the water is forcing itself past the collected debris.
  2. Slowed drainage: Another sign that your drains are starting to back up is that the drainage from your sink or toilet has become slower. This is usually a short precursor to a completed stopped drain.
  3. Unpleasant smells from the drain: Last but not least, watch out for any unpleasant smells that are coming from one or more of your drains. These may be created by collected waste that is sticking in your pipes, creating a pervasive smell that creeps back up into your house. If this is coming from multiple drains, the problem may be in your sewer.

Why Opt For Drain Cleaning Services

Hopefully, you’re noticing these warning signs well in advance of the drain becoming completely clogged. In either case, however, you’ll want to reach out to our team for drain cleaning, rather than trying to clear things with a drain cleaning chemical.

Those drain cleaning chemicals are very rarely going to clear out all of the debris that has collected in the drain. This means that, before too long, you’re likely to have another clog on your hands. What’s worse, the chemical is likely to eat its way through your drain pipe itself! That means you will have a drain more prone to leaks and clogs at once.

However, drain cleaning will help you address all of the debris that is in your drain line and can even help improve the health of your drains long-term. Plus, it is a fast fix! As long as you work with a professional to get this job done, you’ll be in good hands and you’ll be able to easily rely on your drains again.

For safe, quality work at reasonable rates, you can count on the team at McDaniel Service, Inc. Service is our middle name! Contact us today for your plumbing needs.

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