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Prepare Your Heat Pump For the Seasonal Switch


You have a home with a heat pump in Springfield. This means that you have one system that provides you with both cool air and warm air. It is a wonderful piece of technology that you are quite thankful for as summer is starting to wrap up. That said, even a system as impressive as a heat pump needs a little extra help to get from cooling season to heating season.

Yes, having a heat pump makes switching gears easy but that doesn’t mean it is 100% effortless–at least not if you want your system to last a long time. It pays off to make a little extra effort to help ease your heat pump over from cooling mode to heating mode. How can you prepare your system for the seasonal switch? We have some tips to help.

4 Ways You Can Help Prep Your Heat Pump

We still have some warm weather left in the coming weeks so we don’t expect you to fully ditch the cooling mode in your heat pump. That said, if you notice a cool day that is approaching, it is a good idea to take advantage of the lower temperatures, shut your HVAC system off, are run through these tasks to help ensure your heat pump is ready for the heating season to come.

  1. Check and change, or clean, the air filter: This is the first and often the easier thing you can do to help your heat pump. Your HVAC filter captures dirt and other debris to prevent it from entering your system and causing problems. Checking your filter allows you to figure out if yours has gotten too dirty which will let you know it it time to switch it out or, if it is a reusable filter, clean it off. We recommend doing this every three months.
  2. Make sure all vents are open and clear. If you have a ducted heat pump then you should check to make sure that all the vents around the house are open and cleared of debris and decor. If you have a ductless system, make sure there is nothing blocking the many air handlers around the house. Keeping these sources of airflow clear of any blockages will ensure your heat pump can work optimally throughout the coming months.
  3. Check that your heating mode works. Remember how we mentioned waiting for a cooler day? This is why! You would be wise to do a test run of your heat pump’s heating mode before you need to rely on it. This way you can look for any issues that might be a cause for concern in your system such as short cycling or strange smells.
  4. Schedule a yearly maintenance appointment. Don’t forget to schedule that seasonal maintenance appointment! Since your heat pump operates as both your air conditioner and your heater it will need twice the amount of maintenance–once in spring and once in fall. Getting maintenance scheduled and taken care of a little ahead of time is a great way to ensure your comfort when the cooler months hit.

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