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5 Sounds Your Heater Shouldn’t Make

Noises are all around us. They’re part of the ambiance of life. When you hear the rain hitting the roof or you notice the gentle whir of your HVAC system, these are all things that just make life a sensory experience. We’re not saying noises are good or bad, we’re just trying to say that noises usually mean something is happening, whether it’s a storm or something else.

Well, with HVAC systems, there are good noises and bad noises. Good noises are things like the clicking sound of the system gently turning on to start heating your home. Another good noise is the whoosh of air coming from your air vents, since it signals that the system is on and working as intended. Great!

However, there are some bad noises that signal the need for heating repair in Springfield, VA. These kinds of noises, the ones we’re about to talk about, should cause you concern and give you a good reason to call for help.


If your heating system is whistling, this is usually the sound that air is escaping through the ducts or somewhere else. When you purse your lips together and whistle, the air escaping quickly through such a small space makes a noise that can sound pleasant (or unpleasant depending on your opinion). The same thing could be happening to your heating system now that wear and tear have opened up a hole or rip in your ductwork.

Sometimes, instead of whistling, the sound will make more of a “whooshing” noise. If you’re not detecting this whoosh when you put your hand near your vents, and it’s propelling air to places like your basement or crawlspace, then something is definitely wrong.


Grinding is never good, and it can be a sign that you need immediate repairs. Grinding, when involving a heating system like a heat pump, can mean that two metal components are rubbing up against each other. A grinding system is going to wear down a lot faster than one that’s in good shape, which means that if it doesn’t get repaired ASAP, you could be looking at an early replacement.


Sometimes a component can come loose inside of a heating system and rattle around. This might not sound like a big problem, but it can be.

There are many sensitive parts of your heating system, from coils in a heat pump to the heat exchanger in a gas furnace. Even just small amounts of friction between a loose part and those sensitive components can lead to pretty serious damage and an early replacement.


A booming sound is specific to a gas furnace and is not good. It usually happens when the ignition inside of the combustion chamber gets covered in soot and grime, so the ignition is delayed as the gas pools up in the system. Booming is basically a miniature explosion inside of your furnace and it’s going to wear the unit down a lot.


Shrieking and other loud or uncomfortable noises are never good. The louder and more uncomfortable the noise is, the worse the problem probably is. If you detect your heater shrieking or screaming, then shut it down immediately and call our team for help.

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