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Water Heater Repairs Shouldn’t Be Complicated

The only complicated part about a water heater fix should be for the trained professional to figure out–and even then it’s usually not that complicated. From a homeowner’s perspective, water heater problems should be simple to figure out. If it’s a nuisance, a problem, or something that’s clearly not making you happy, then it’s in need of repairs. That’s that.

The tricky part comes from the fact that everyone’s preferences are different. Some people are okay with a water heater that takes exceptionally long to deliver hot water to their appliances. Other people see a leak and just grab a bucket instead of calling for help. We understand that everyone’s threshold is different, but this should never mean that you live your life with a broken water heater.

Down below, we’re going to talk about a few instances where it’s clear that you need water heater repair in Woodbridge, VA. Then, just give our team a call and we can work to figure out the best option going forward.

If It Leaks

If your water heater leaks, get it fixed. There’s really not much else to this than that!

Think about it, leaks are not supposed to happen and they can also cause additional problems for your home. Just getting a bucket to contain the leak isn’t really going to help you, since the leak is still occurring, you’re still wasting precious water, and your water heater is losing its ability to easily bring you hot water.

That’s just a simple rule we advise you use going forward. If it leaks, get it fixed.

If It’s Inefficient

If you’re noticing a trend in your electricity or fuel bills (depending on the type of water heater you have), then it might be running inefficiently. If your water heater runs with low efficiency, then we’d advise you get it checked.

On one hand, the system might be running too hot and a quick fix could help limit the temperature so that it’s not using so much electricity or fuel. On the other hand, it could be that the system is old and outdated, and a replacement is the best solution going forward.

Only a professional diagnosis will be able to give you solid answers to your questions.

If It’s Scalding Hot or Too Cold

A scalding hot water heater, or a water heater that’s just not hot enough, are both problems that need to be fixed. There’s just no point in having a water heater that you constantly pay for if it’s not giving you hot water that you can use.

If It’s Old or Rusted

If your water heater is old or rusted over, don’t get it fixed. Get it replaced!

There’s usually very little a trained professional can do for a water heater that’s past its expiration date. Especially a water heater that’s beginning to rust and corrode, it’s only a matter of time before that system leaks and breaks down completely. Take our word for it, invest in a new water heater when your old one is starting to go.

Need help with your water heater? Contact McDaniel Service, Inc, where Service is our middle name!

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